Bedroom Designs

Waking up to a cosy bedroom enhances the happy mood induced by a good night’s sleep. Make every effort to make your bedroom as breathtaking and charming as possible. There are numerous bedroom designs you can adopt to achieve this. All it takes is well chosen furniture and matching furnishings and other accessories to glam up the bedroom. Singapore furniture stores have a wide variety of good quality bedroom furniture in various designs that will appeal to you. Combined with complementary accents, they will help refine your bedroom design and decor.

Modern bedroom furniture is popular, with more than half of furniture shoppers opting for this design. Not surprising given how elegant, urban and chic it looks. It comes in a range of shapes and colors, with more hues now availed for the bedroom than would have ever been thought possible. Another hard to beat design that is becoming more popular by the day is modern classics, which incorporates rustic elements in contemporary designs for a truly beautiful look. Perfect for the bedroom, the modern classic design will make your bedroom feel old and yet new in an exciting way. Best furniture stores for contemporary and modern classic bedroom designs in Singapore include Hudson, Lush, Finezza, OM, Crate and Barrel, IKEA, Moreless, Modern Eclectic Living, Domicil, Scanteak, Minotti, Castilla, and Marquis Square.

If you prefer standing out with a vintage or traditional bedroom design, choose from collections of large traditional dressers, beds, and night stands. Throw in a vintage armoire to complete the look. As traditional colors for the bedroom were limited to neutral hues, your bedroom will have a lot of greys, dark browns, blacks and white. You also won’t have the luxury of exotic or abstract shapes of furniture, which is not a bad thing as this is part of what makes traditional bedroom designs so charming. But all this will be compensated by the intricate detailing and decoration likely to be found on dresser handles, headboards and mirrors. Mountain Teak, The Shophouse, Danovel, Just Anthony, Treasures of the Raj, Fairprice Antique, Taylor B Design, Prakalyam Gallery, and Woody Antique House are some of the best places to find antique, classic and vintage furniture for your bedroom.

Sometimes, an eclectic combination of furniture designs mixed and matched can create a rather unique look in the bedroom. Engage your creative eye to pull this one and you’ll have a masterpiece of a room that’s not just intriguing but also charming. Ordinary looking furniture won’t do in this case. You’ll need quirky, odd and unusual items that catch the eye. Wondering if you can find this variety in Singapore? Why not head over to Chillal, Galanga Living, Nirvana Gallery, Make Room, Barang Barang, Iwannagohome, Verandah Living, European Bedding, or Singapore Trading Post and see for yourself? They have a diverse selection of furniture that will captivate the most imaginative of minds.

Singapore furniture stores present a host of ideas on bedroom designs. From classics that take you on an imaginative journey to traditional and antique designs that  bring the past back to life, and contemporary styles that inspire hope for a captivating lifestyle, get everything you need to create the perfect bedroom in these stores.