Mattress Topper

Keep your mattress covered and protected under a mattress topper. Readily available in Singapore, mattresses toppers come in a range of types and designs. Choose a mattress topper in a material whose texture you find soft and comfortable. The mattress topper also enhances the comfort of your mattress. This is because the topper is a type of thick padding placed on top of the mattress, adding a layer of cushioning to the existing mattress. Other than comfort, the mattress topper also keeps dirt and liquids away from the mattress, helping it stay clean and new for longer. To enjoy this benefit, choose a waterproof topper.

The most common materials used to make mattress toppers are memory foam, down, and wool. Each of these materials has a different feel and unique benefits. To minimize accumulation of dust mites manufacturers top it up with a material that is resistant to pests. Wool mattress toppers offer the best protection against allergies, and are also the softest and most comfortable to sleep on. Because the topper is not attached to the mattress, it can be removed for cleaning and can be replaced with another topper as often as you like. Whatever type of mattress topper you eventually go for, ensure that it is easy to clean, either by machine or dry cleaning. When your mattress is too firm, buy a soft topper to reduce this firmness. Likewise, if the mattress is too soft, a firm mattress topper will help firm the bed, increasing comfort during sleep.