Vintage Bedroom Furniture

The hunt for vintage furniture is never in vain. Not in Singapore.¬† Everyday, vintage dealers are on the search for new items to add to their collection, which means you get more to choose from every time you go to the stores. That’s if fellow vintage enthusiasts in the country don’t beat you to it. Not to worry though, because every vintage store worth its reputation will have a few irresistible furniture pieces to choose from at any given time. When fitting vintage furniture¬† in the bedroom, the aim should be to create a rustic look while retaining your personal style. This you do by accessorizing the furniture with fabrics and accents that display your individual style, whether in color, design, fabric or texture.

The beauty in using vintage furniture is that all units don’t have to bear the same design. Each piece can be of a different design; the overall look will still be exceptional. Mixing up different designs of furniture also has the advantage of giving your bedroom an eclectic feel, which contributes to the general design theme of the room. You’ll enjoy choosing from a selection of items that include vintage beds, headboards, nightstands, bedside tables, dressers, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedroom vanities, benches, armchairs, bookcases, and tables. Advance the vintage look further by using vintage accessories such as antique alarm clocks, mirrors, artwork and wall hangings. Vintage wall colors, a vintage design on the curtains and floor rugs will help bring out the vintage theme better, especially if you’ve only used a few pieces of furniture.